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Wholesale Marine Insurance Broker

Legacy Underwriters is a wholesale insurance brokerage firm specializing in products for marine related industries.

Legacy Underwriters is more than just an insurance brokerage. As a niche insurance specialist, there is a lot about what we do that makes our firm unique, but the people who know us best would say it’s our team that really sets us apart.
Cruise around our site, then give us a call and let's see how we can help you serve your clients.

Product Guide

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Product Guide


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Insurance Representative

Member FAIA

We're proud to be a long-time member of FAIA, the Florida Association of Insurance Agents. This worthwhile organization is dedicated to enhancing the independent insurance agency system through education, legislation, and communication.

Member of the Florida Association of Insurance Agents

Protecting the Bottom Line

Legacy Underwriters wants to be your trusted advisor to protect your bottom line—so you can you focus on the top line.

Markets We Offer

ACE American Insurance Company  |  American Modern Insurance Company  |  American Reliable Insurance Company

Amerisafe Insurance Company  |  Lloyds of London  |  Great American Insurance Company  |  International Marine Underwriters

Travelers Insurance Company  |  XL Insurance Company  |  Wright National Flood Insurance Company